Corporate Property Insurance

Corporate Property Insurance

This insurance is aimed at businesses who own goods used for carrying out economic or social-cultural activities.


The insured objects are the companies’ buildings and their content. This type of insurance indemnifies also the expenses for cleaning the place following the risk occurrence, the firemen intervention, damage expertise ( within the limit of 5% of the total insured amount for buildings and content).

Insured risks:

    • fire, lightning, explosion, sonic boom;
    • aircraft falling, accidental building parts falling;
    • atmospheric phenomena ( storm, blizzard, tornado, hurricane, cloud burst, hail);
    • weight of the snow, sewage water and/or neighbor flooding;
    • external crash of a vehicle;
    • vandalism; strikes, mutiny;
    • theft;
    • earthquake, flood, land slides.

Time period:

The insurance can be closed for a 12 months period maximum and 1 month minimum.