EximAsig Romania Has Extended its Activity with 2 New Insurance Classes

EximAsig Romania Has Extended its Activity with 2 New Insurance Classes

Bucharest, June 20th, 2012 – The Exim Romania (EximAsig Romania) Insurance-Reinsurance Company, whose majority shareholder is EximBank, has received from the part of the Insurance Surveillance Commission (CSA) the licence for the operation of two new insurance classes.

Beginning from the 6th of June 2012, the Exim Romania Insurance-Reinsurance Company can subscribe risks from the following insurance classes:

– Insurances for air transportation means (also including catastrophic nature risks);
– Civil liability insurances for air transportation means.

“The licence for the subscription of risks from the air transportation means is subscribed to the strategic vision to continue the company development. Until at present, we have succeeded in imposing ourselves on the guarantee insurance market, and due to the extension of subscription licences of last year, we have increased our portfolio with big-size customers from the field of civil and industrial constructions, of oil industry, retail and port operators”, declared Radu Frincu, chairman of the Company directorate.

Initially licensed for credit and guarantee insurances, the Exim Romania Insurance-Reinsurance Company reached, within less than 2 years from the start of its activity, to be licensed for the operation of 10 insurance classes and to hold in its portfolio over 30 products afferent to these, among which the insurances of goods, equipments and facilities, insurances of civil and professional liability, CARGO, and, of course, insurances of credits and insurances of guarantees (for the participation in bids, for the good performance of the contract or for maintenance) etc.

The company recorded as at 31.12.2011 a volume of subscribed gross premiums of 8,484,688 lei and a market share of 5.67% on the segment of guarantee insurances.
“The insurances of air transportation means represent a specialized type of business, that is why this our most recent action wants to be the signal of a solid company, with strong international partners on the reinsurance part, that will also approach this niche segment in order to earn a portfolio” added Radu Frincu.
The products of EximAsig Romania are addressed to the companies that operate in the fields of goods and industrial ones, road, naval, air transports, service suppliers, construction, exporters and to those in the IT industry.