EximAsig Romania Subscribed Premiums of Over 8 million Lei in 2011

EximAsig Romania Subscribed Premiums of Over 8 million Lei in 2011

The Exim Romania (EximAsig Romania) Insurance-Reinsurance Company, whose majority shareholder is EximBank, recorded in 2011, according to the audited data, a volume of subscribed gross premiums of 8,484,688 lei (approximately 2 million Euros), compared to the year 2010, when it subscribed 429,605 lei. Also, the company reported on the 31st of December 2011 a solvency degree of 22.14, and the ratio between the available solvency margin and the safety fund was of 1.35.

Licensed in August 2010 for the operation of credit and guarantee insurances, the company extended its activity during the year 2011 by obtaining the licence to operate other 6 insurance classes, namely: fire and natural calamity insurances, insurances for property damages, civil liability insurances, accident insurances, insurances of goods in transit (CARGO) and insurances of financial losses.

Thus, at the end of 2011, the guarantee insurances held the highest weight in the total portfolio, respectively 70%, followed by the insurances of goods by 14% and the insurances for credits by 13%. More moderate percentages belonged to civil liability insurances (2%) and to CARGO insurances (1.5%).

The market share, on the segment of guarantee insurances, was of 5.67%, compared to 0.59% in 2010, EximAsig România occupying the third place in the standings of the insurance companies that operate on the guarantee insurance market.

“The positive evolution that EximAsig Romania recorded shows us that there are several customers for our products, that understand the insurance benefits and for which we will continue to supply high quality insurance services. Our objective for the immediately next period is represented by the consolidation of the position we have earned and the development of the product portfolio that we offer by creating insurance packages that could be used for the purpose of a complete protection” said Radu Frîncu, the chairman of EximAsig Romania Directorate.

EximAsig Romania is a company specialized in the insurance of financial risks and of the other types of risks complementary to these (goods, liabilities, CARGO, accidents, a.s.o.) whose purpose is represented by the protection of the Romanian business environment, both for the export operations, and for the domestic commercial operations. The company products are addressed to the companies that operate in the fields of production of goods, transports, service supplies, constructions, exporters and for those in the IT industry.